Military AA59494-1A0, 2530000631358 Wheel, Pneumatic Tire

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Military AA59494-1A0 2530000631358 Wheel, Pneumatic Tire ALT PN AA59494, MS24322-1 MC-SALES, LLC

MC-SALES, LLC – Description

Wheel,  Pneumatic Tire

AA59494, MS24322-1


MRC Decoded Requirement Clear Text Reply ABGA Groove Depth 0.741 INCHES MINIMUM AND 0.811 INCHES MAXIMUM ABHP Overall Length 3.656 INCHES MINIMUM AND 3.718 INCHES MAXIMUM ABMK Overall Width 4.130 INCHES NOMINAL ADUV Bearing Surface Width 0.750 INCHES NOMINAL APGF Design Type DIVIDED WHEEL ARJD Design Form DISK ASBL Hub INCLUDED AWJQ Bearings INCLUDED BCNX Mounting Type For Which Designed SINGLE TIRE BDDY Bearing Quantity 1 BDFN Bearing Inside Diameter 1.250 INCHES NOMINAL BDFN Bearing Inside Diameter 0.750 INCHES NOMINAL BFYT Hole Location LOCATED IN CENTER OF RIM BPLM Disk Type DOUBLE BXSJ Lightening Hole NOT INCLUDED BYDT Bearing Type ROLLER CDMC Valve Hole Shape ROUND CFHQ Tire Rim Nominal Diameter 6.000 INCHES CFHR Tire NOT INCLUDED CFJH Hub Characteristic DEMOUNTABLE CFRY Lubrication Fitting NOT PROVIDED CHSX Axle Recess Diameter 1.594 INCHES MINIMUM AND 2.094 INCHES MAXIMUM CHTB Sand Band Recess Diameter 2.499 INCHES MINIMUM AND 2.501 INCHES MAXIMUM CHTF Bearing Recess Diameter 2.062 INCHES MINIMUM AND 2.094 INCHES MAXIMUM CHTG Sand Band Recess Depth 0.500 INCHES NOMINAL CHTK Bearing Recess Depth 0.875 INCHES MINIMUM AND 1.3125 INCHES MAXIMUM FEAT Special Features BEARING RECESS DIAMETER 2.4395 IN. MIN,2.4405 IN. MAX FLANGE END IF CAST IRON OR STEEL,2.4376 IN. MIN,2.4386 IN. MAX FLANGE END IF ALUMINUM,1.9365 IN. MIN,1.9375 IN. MAX OTHER END IF CAST IRON OR STEEL,1.9351 IN. MIN,1.9361 IN. MAX OTHER END IF ALUMINUM,METAL THICKNESS 0.897 IF STEEL,0.0910 IF ALUMINUM

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