57K0202, 2540013874018 Military Vehicle Seat Kit ​3 PT Seat Belt

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Condition: New

57K0202 2540013874018 Military Vehicle Seat Kit 3 PT Seat Belt MC-SALES, LLC

MC-SALES, LLC – Description

Military Vehicle Seat Kit
3 PT Seat Belt


Decoded Requirement    Clear Text Reply

End Item Identification    HMMWV

Supply Items And Quantities    9905-00-858-5682 PLATE INSTRUCTION 1;2540-01-318-9229 FRAME,SEAT,VEHICLAR 1;9905-01-203-9995 PLATE,INSTRUCTION 1;5306-01-315-7086 BOLT,SHOULDER 2,5306-01-316-1456 BOLT,SHOULDER 2,5306-01-316-2433 BOLT,SHOULDER 2;5310-01-286-6077 WASHER FLAT 6;5340-01-334-4241 BRACKET,DOUBLE ANGLE 2;2540-01-315-3358 BELT,VEHICLAR SAFETY 1;2540-01-315-3143 BELT,VEHICLAR SAFETY 1;2590-01-394-9672 BRACKET,VEHICLAR COMPONENTS 2;2590-01-396-1422 PAD CUSHING 1;2590-01-396-1424 PAD CUSHING 1;5305-01-016-5469 SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD 8;5310-01-119-1024 WAHER,FLAT 16;5310-00-809-4085 WASHER FLAT 2;5306-01-244-7882 BOLT MACHINE 16;5305-00-708-8282 SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD 2;PN 12342379 REINFOR 1;PN 12342380 REINFOR 1;PN 12342385 REINFOR ASS’Y 1;PN 12342386 REINFOR ASS’Y 1;PN 12342731 REINFOR 2;PN 12342959 EX ASS’Y 2;PN M24243/1-A404 RIVET16;PN M7885/2-6-3 RIVET 42;PN MS16562-20 PIN 2;PN MS21318-20 SCREW,DRIVE 1;PN MS27183-10 WASHER 8;PN MS27183-10 8;PN MS51943-34 NUT 4;PN NAS9303B-6-3 RIVET 12

End Item Source    19207

End Item Name    HMMWV

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BAY-65    MC-00695

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Weight69.00 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in