PDF DOWNLOAD – Hyster L006 (H135FT, H155FT) Series Forklift Repair Service Manual #6233

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Hyster H135FT, H155FT Forklift Trucks L006 Series Repair Manual

Repair Manual for Hyster L006 Series, Models: H135FT, H155FT
Format: PDF

Hyster H135FT, H155FT Forklift Trucks L006 Series Repair Manual: 6686 Pages
Hyster L006 Series, Models: H135FT, H155FT Manual Table Of Content:

GM Engine Repair, V6, 4.3L Engine
Kubota Diesel 3.6L Engine
Kubota Engine Repair 3.8L Diesel With DPF
Operators Cab
Cooling System
LPG Fuel System GM 4.3L Engine With PSI
Gasoline Fuel System
Three-Speed Powershift Transmission Repair Dana Spicer 3×2
Two-Speed Powershift Transmission Repair Dana Spicer 2×2
Drive Axle Wet Brake (Spicer)
Steering Axle
Brake System
Hydraulic Gear Pump
Main Control Valve
Cylinders Repair
Mast Repair
High Voltage Switch (HVS) Ignition GM 4.3L EPA Compliant Engines
Wire Harness Repair
User Interface – Supervisor
User Interface – Service
Electrical System
Metric And Inch (SAE) Fasteners
Calibration Procedures
Periodic Maintenance
Capacities And Specifications
Diagrams And Schematics
Diagnostics Troubleshooting
Memory Integrity Fault

• When lifting parts or assemblies, make sure all slings, chains, or cables are correctly fastened, and that the load being lifted is balanced. Make sure the crane, cables, and chains have the capacity to support the weight of the load.

• Do not lift heavy parts by hand, use a lifting mechanism.

• Wear safety glasses.

• DISCONNECT THE BATTERY CONNECTOR before doing any maintenance or repair on electric lift trucks. Disconnect the battery ground cable on internal combustion lift trucks.

• Always use correct blocks to prevent the unit from rolling or falling. See HOW TO PUT THE LIFT TRUCK ON BLOCKS in the Operating Manual or the Periodic Maintenance section.


• Always fasten a DO NOT OPERATE tag to the controls of the unit when making repairs, or if the unit needs repairs.

• Be sure to follow the WARNING and CAUTION notes in the instructions.

• Gasoline, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Diesel fuel are flammable.

• Be sure to follow the necessary safety precautions when handling these fuels and when working on these fuel systems.

• Batteries generate flammable gas when they are being charged. Keep fire and sparks away from the area. Make sure the area is well ventilated.